Chia Neng spring (Hong Kong) Company Limited
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            Chia Neng spring (Hongkong) Co., Ltd.
            Hong Kong Office
            Flat B, 19/F., 34 Nassau St; Mei Foo Sun Chuen Kowloon Hong Kong
            Contact: Mr.Leung
            Mobile: +8613922973717
            Tel: +852-2402 1226
            Fax: +852-2415 2868

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            Chia Neng Spring (Hong Kong) Company Limited was founded in 1984, All the spring production machines and the testing equipments come from Japan and Taiwan, And invites Taiwan expert to manage the factory, Specialized production each kind of tension-spring, compression spring, torsion spring and the line formation spring, widely applies in the automobile, the electrical appliances, the camera and the computer profession. In1991 Chia Neng(Dongguan) Spring Factory was established, in 2002 obtained the ISO-9001 certificate, our customer has included the world-famous camera factory, the copy-machine company and the electrical appliances enterprise.

            We look forward to serve you with our high quality product and the competitive price.

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            Tel: +852-2402 1226 Fax: +852-2415 2868 Address: Shi Zi Ling Industrial Zone,Chang Le Road,Sang Yuan,Dongcheng District,Dongguan City , China

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